St James Worship Team

Here at St James’ our Worship team meets every week. We help our SLT by performing book scrutinies and performing learning walks. View our blog to see some of our favourite worship areas in class. We help out in assemblies by performing readings and role-playing religious stories. We even lead some assemblies in front of the whole school. 

We help to promote our Christian Values throughout school and are good role models for our friends and class mates.

Our 6 core values are:







Worship Team Selection

One child, from classes 3-11, is chosen each year, to be their Worship Team representative. Children must make posters and campaign for their classmates to vote for them. Children are then responsible for feeding back to teachers and their class about what we have done in our Worship Team meetings.


How to keep up to date with our Worship Team

Our Worship Team meets weekly and keeps a blog where they post about what they have been doing in school. You can read the blog here.

Meet the Worship Team